MyORTHO Rehab is one of the leading Orthotic specialist centre in Malaysia; engaged in the service and marketing of niche prosthetics, orthotics and assistive care products. MyORTHO is a family business which prides itself of serving a large community of Orthopaedic surgeons in the Malaysia.

Founded and managed by UK certified Orthotist, Edmund Lee, its commitment in providing customers with the high quality range of support orthotics care products and footwear, has earned strong credibility, trust and support from medical doctors, allied healthcare professionals and patients. It also organises orthotics related seminars and workshops; aimed at providing continuous education in healthcare integration


MyORTHO. Your Orthotic Specialist.


MyORTHO is a subsidiary of LEE Prosthetics and Orthotics (LPOC) which was founded in 1978. LPOC is a family business which prides itself of serving a large community of Orthopaedic surgeons in the country. Continuing the legacy, MyORTHO is managed by Edmund Lee – the third generation of the family. He continously strive to incorporate value added services; supplying orthotic products to Orthopaedic surgeons, doctors and healthcare practitioners; as well as providing orthotic services to patients.



  • MyORTHO is committed in providing premier orthotic, prosthetics and spinal healthcare products and services; inspiring & empowering our patients to lead independent lives and enable a high quality of life.
  • MyORTHO is also committed to promoting and encouraging continuing education of orthotics and prosthetic through the organization of short courses, seminars and conferences.



MyORTHO is envisioned:-

  • To be the leading provider of orthotic, prosthetics and spinal healthcare provider.
  • To provide our best service to our patients and help them achieve mobility and independence so that their quality of life can be improved.
  • To complement the medical professions with the industry best and/or latest solutions in orthotic, prosthetics and spinal healthcare products and services.
  • To maintain a team of dedicated professionals who are enthusiastic and committed; providing to both the physical and emotional needs of our patients;
  • To continuously keep abreast on the latest technology and innovations.
  • To strive to provide orthotic and prosthetic education to our patients & its families, community healthcare providers and general public.
  • To organize short courses, seminars and conferences; promoting education on orthotics and prosthetics to appropriate healthcare providers and encourage a new generation of Orthotist & Prosthetists.