why-1MyORTHO Consultant & Orthotic Specialist are trained in orthotic therapy

They are the primary health care practitioners for disorders of the foot and lower leg, dealing not only with diagnosis and treatment, but also prevention and rehabilitation.

They trained in all aspects of orthotic therapy from biomechanical assessment and gait analysis to manufacture.
  • Qualified & Experienced Clinical Teams since 1978
  • Customized Orthotic Treatment Plan
  • A Growing Third Generation Family Business
  • Our Commitment to Provide Genuine Care
  • Recognized by Medical Doctors and Allied Health Professionals
  • Strong Credibility and Visibility in the Orthotics Industry
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction



why-2When prescribing orthotics MyORTHO Consultant & Orthotic Specialist offer a comprehensive service to ensure safe and effective foot care, including:

  • A full clinical assessment of your foot and leg problem prior to prescription
  • Prescription of orthotics tailored to individual needs. Complete control over prescribing, making and fitting your orthotics.
  • Provision of any additional treatments required. Advice regarding exercise, footwear and training methods where relevant.
  • Comprehensive follow-up and review.
  • The fine-tuning or correction of any problems experienced in wearing the orthotics.

Review care

Once your Orthotics is complete, MyORTHO Consultant & Specialist  will set up a free of charge recheck appointment within 3 months to monitor the fit and function of your device. We want to be sure that your prosthesis or orthosis continues to fit comfortably and that it remains in good mechanical condition. If we find anatomical changes or changes in your functional ability, we will adjust the device and/or recommend changes to the device.

We recommend that you return at least every Four  months for follow-up care, or sooner if you notice changes in your weight or activity level. We will let you know if your orthotics requires more frequent follow-up care or specific maintenance.