1) Why do I need a prescription custom made sandals?

Unlike prescription custom made foot orthotics which must be worn with the shoes, prescription custom made sandals can be worn alone. The purpose is to increase the time spent in maintaining the lower limb alignment in order to enhance recovery from pain and disability.


2) Who should wear the prescription custom made sandals?

Almost everyone can benefit from prescription custom made sandals even if you do not have pain. Epidemiological studies have shown that around 90% of the population has abnormal foot biomechanics, of which 10% present with foot symptoms.


3) Can a child benefit from a prescription custom made sandal?

Yes, children with lower limb mal-alignment should use prescription custom made sandal and prescription custom made orthotics all day to enhance the correction for the lower limb alignment.


4) What are the differences between prescription custom made sandal and the ‘health’ sandal?

Prescription custom made sandals aims to correct abnormal foot biomechanics and foot pressure distribution. The prescription custom made is specific to each individual. ‘Health’ sandals are general commodity, with no correction orthotics built in.


5) How many sizes do the prescription custom made sandals have?

As the sandals are customized, they are made to the dimensions of the feet.


6) Why do I feel different when wearing the prescription custom foot orthotics as opposed to prescription custom made sandals?

The difference can be attributed to the fact that prescription custom foot orthotics are worn in the shoes which have firm contour that control the movement of the heel. The prescription custom made sandals does not have a contour and needs to be built wider in order to accommodate the spreading of load and pressure on the forefoot.

However, the prescription custom made sandal provides very similar if not identical corrective movement as the customized foot orthotics as the contour of the sandal is based on the similar prescription of the prescription custom foot orthotics.


7) How durable are the prescription custom made sandals?

The foot bed, outsole, straps and top layer usually lasts one to two years depending on individual body weight, foot sweat, degree of foot deformity and wearing patterns.


8) What are custom made orthopedic shoes?

Customized orthopaedic shoes are designed to alleviate spinal pain, mislaingment, foot or knee pain. A custom made orthopedic shoes can decrease pressure points, reduce rubbing of the foot against the shoe and provide shock absorbency so that pain is relieved and walking gait is corrected. Those with degenerative foot disorders(claw toes, metatarsalgia, hammer toes) can also benefit from customized orthopaedic shoes.


9) What are custom made diabetic shoes?

Custom made diabetic shoes are specially designed shoes intended to reduce the risk of skin breakdown in diabetics with co-existing foot disease. Custom made diabetic shoes together with a custom made orthotics insole will prevent complications by helping redistribute the foot pressure and improve mobility.


10) When and why does an individual need Custom Made Orthopedic Shoes?

Fluctuations in foot size in individuals with oedema create a challenge when fitting shoes. The contour of the foot is constantly changing. For patient with severe oedema, a custom made orthopaedic shoes is recommended to accommodate and support the foot and prevent the undue pressures that are imposed by a shoe that becomes too small over the course of the day.