1) Can exercise help to improve my child posture?

Hours playing video games, staring at computer screens or slouching in school can give your child back pain and a slouched posture. By engaging your child in exercises, it can help to improve muscle strength and relieve back pain. On the other hand, it will also help your child remember the correct way to sit or stand.


2) Can orthotics help to correct my child posture?

Orthotics are designed to positively stabilize your child posture by minimizing the stress and forces on your child feet. This will regain your child posture, alignment and balance.


3) What happens if the child is left untreated?

If not treated, a gait abnormality can affect a child’s posture, balance and functional walking pattern. This can cause him trouble in climbing stairs, keeping balance while standing and participation in both physical education and sports. In addition to that, the child could be more prone to injuries while playing games.


4) How could MyORTHO ORTHOTIC & PHYSIOTHERAPY therapy help to treat my child gait problem?

Physiotherapy and orthotics is useful and necessary to facilitate appropriate movement. Gait training will help the child to achieve good proprioception, hip control, posture, balance and functional independence. The training often includes the use of treadmills, shoe orthotics to increase alignment and ankle foot orthotics to help correct muscle imbalance.


5) Can gait training help for children suffering from neurological impairmets like Cerebral palsy?

Gait training which combines physiotherapy and orthotics helps to prevent muscle weakness which is present in kids with neurological impairment. This also helps to gain proper hip control, balance and proprioception. MyOrtho custom made AFO is highly recommended for children with neurological impairments because it really helps to balance and stabilize foot/ankle complex while walking.