Your feet are an important part of your overall health and well being. Maintaining healthy feet is one of the key areas that MyORTHO consultant & specialist will work with you to achieve. Preventing foot pain and injury before they occur is our aim.


  1. Reviewing your gait (the way you walk) and biomechanics of your lower limb. We can then advise you on the best shoe for your foot and help to prevent callus, corns, bunions etc from developing.
  2. Checking your footwear to ensure it is not causing you foot pain, bunions, ingrown toe nails etc.
  3. Teach you and your family about how to cut your toe nails correctly to prevent ingrown toe nails and general foot care tips.
  4. Give advice on how to avoid fungal infections, verruca, smelly feet.
  5. Advise you on what to look for when regularly checking your feet, and reminding you that foot pain is not normal and can be treated.


MyORTHO aims to make sure you are comfortable and pain free on your feet so you can stay mobile, and above all keep active! If you want any advice on how to maintain healthy feet, contact us today.

Love your feet!