MyORTHO are proud to introduce a new treatment system that combines knee brace, physiotherapy and active rehabilitation. The individual discipline is an effective tool to improve the mobility of the patients and reducing pain. However, we strongly believe that if we integrate each discipline together, the system will provide better result in an individual’s goal of improving the quality of life.

  • Knee bracing to support and relieve osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain and knee ligament instability.
  • With our unique 3 in One: Lateral wedge orthotic insoles, Townsend OA knee bracing system, and physiotherapy/rehabilitation; a customer may be able delay knee replacement surgery or even avoid it for the matter by:
  • Decreasing the load on the compressed compartment of the knee (medial or lateral).
  • Correcting the biomechanics of the gait which eliminates the wear and tear on the cartilage of the knee joints.
  • Retraining the muscle and gait movement which helps increase customer activity level and enhance the overall quality of life through physiotherapy and rehabilitation program.

Benefits and features of Townsend Knee Brace System

  • Exclusive ‘customizing service’ which allows patient specific modifications during fabrication based on the patient’s clinical needs and physical dimensions
  • The knee brace is low profile and light weight made from aircraft aluminium frame.
  • Patented Townsend Motion Hinges which mirror the roll and glide movement of the knee; This feature creates total shell-to-skin contact between the brace and imb through range of motion to achieve more consistent control while reducing the potential for brace migration.
  • Patented Synergistic Suspension Strap captures the back and sides of the leg which helps to prevent brace migration.
  • Patented Anti-rotation technology is incorporated into the tibia shell to keep the brace properly positioned on the limb.
  • Exclusive Loadshifter Relief Mechanism located above the hinge opposite the affected compartment allows the femoral shell to be shifted to increase corrective force and amplify three point unloading for osteoarthritis knee.

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